About the Ridgegear RGR4 Escape & Rescue System:

Ridgegear RGR4 Escape & Rescue System

  • The RGR4 Escape & Rescue System is a simple yet very effective method of reaching a person who has experienced a fall and is in need of quick recovery.
  • The operating handle is very easy to use and ensures controlled descent.
  • The handle also has a reverse locking mechanism to prevent accidental rapid descent.
  • The rescuer is able to latch onto the person that requires a rescue and both persons are then able to descend safely and efficiently to an area of safety.
  • The kernmantel rope is stocked in lengths of 20, 30 & 60m, but can be supplied to any length in order to suit the needs of the user.
  • The integral safety knife is provided as standard so that the rescuer once attached can cut the lanyard of the person that has fallen.
  • Due to the design of the safety knife, it is not possible to accidentally cut the rescue rope.
  • Proper training by a competent person in the use of this equipment is essential.