Hawk Lifting are leading suppliers of steel wire rope & wire rope slings (and wire rope products) to many industry sectors from the heaviest engineering applications to flying lines in theatre and stage production where the aesthetic appearance as well as performance is important.

Whether you require a standard engineering wire rope, high performance crane rope, stainless steel swaged assembly or flying line Hawk Lifting can manufacture to meet your specific requirement.

The main categories of steel wire rope include:

Steel Wire Rope Slings for Lifting Applications
Theatre Rigging Black Steel Wire Rope
Endless Wire Rope Grommets
Swaged Terminal
Crane Ropes
Winch Ropes

Wire Rope Slings
Wire rope slings are manufactured in our rigging shop to customer specification whether single or multi leg configuration.  A wide variety of terminations are available including swaged terminals, sockets and standard eyes.

Four Point Lift

Wire Rope Heavy Lift

Theatre Rigging Black Steel Wire Rope
In theatres, auditoriums and staged events it is important that the rigging is not visible. Hawk Lifting can manufacture a wide range of wire ropes and accessories in a black finish. The items are certified for lifting and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Theatre Rigging

Steel Wire Rope Grommets
Cable laid grommets are endless slings manufactured with no visible joint.  The major advantage of grommets is their ability to lift loads far in excess of slings manufactured using mechanical splicing.  Grommets are often utilised on offshore and heavy engineering applications.

1900t Heavy Lift Utilising Endlessss Wire Rope Grommets

Swaged Terminal Wire Ropes
Swaged terminal wire ropes are generally manufactured utilising stainless steel wire rope and terminals.  This product gives the ability to terminate the wire rope with a vast range of fittings including threaded studs, fork clevis and threaded adjusters.

Swaged terminal wire ropes are neat and attractive to the eye.  They are often found on ballustrades, stairwells as well as traditional engineering applications.

Stainless Steel Swage Fittings