About the Ridgegear RGR3 Vertical Rescue System:

  • The RGR3 has been specifically designed to be used from the point of fall and not requiring the rescuer to go over the edge, which gives extra added safety.
  • When the faller is raised the rescuer has a 4:1 mechanical advantage which reduces the effort required.
  • When the faller is being lowered, the upper pulley wheels lock.
  • This increased friction allows the rescuer to lower the faller effortlessly.
  • A rescue pole is used to ‘fish’ for the fallers’ harness rear attachment point.
  • The rescue pole is sturdy and adjustable.
  • The rescue karabiner has a large opening which assists with locating the attachment point.
  • The RGR3 is available in 4 different lengths; 20m, 30m, 60m or 100m.