About the Ridgegear RGR7 Rescue Winch:

Ridgegear RGR7 Rescue Winch

  • The RGR7 is equiped with an up/down clutch locking mechanism.
  • Manufactured from steel with a baked enamel finish, the RGR7 has a 50cm per handle turn allowing for rapid retrieving/lowering of cable.
  • This unit has many applications such as confined space entry, manholes and chemical vessels, etc.
  • The operative can be winched up or down to safety almost immediately.
  • As most rescue systems lower the casualty, the RGR7 can raise the operative to safe area, if the area below is unsuitable.
  • The RGR7 can also be fitted to the RGR1 tripod for use in confined space access, as it can allow a worker to be lowered in suspension when ladders or foot irons are not available or deemed unsuitable.
  • The RGR7 has a working length of 50 metres.