Blocfor 5&6 ESD Fall Arrester

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Blocfor 5&6 ESD Fall Arrester

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About the Blocfor™ 5&6 ESD Fall Arrester:

Fall arrest block with Energy
System Dissipater (ESD)
ensuring that the user will
undergo an impact no less
than 600 daN even with the
WITH rope fully extended.

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About the Blocfor 5&6 ESD Fall Arrester:

Blocfor 5&6 ESD Fall Arrester fall arrest block with Energy System Dissipater (ESD) ensuring that the user will undergo an impact no less than 600 daN even with the rope fully extended.

What is ESD?

  • Energy System Dissipater (ESD) ensures absorption of a fall even when the webbing is fully unwound.
  • The ESD system also acts as a fall indicator ensuring that the device is not used again after a fall.

The Blocfor™ range ensures an automatic braking function in the event of a fall; the fall height is reduced by the immediate brake reaction. The cable length is adjusted automatically thanks to a recall system integrated into the device, which offers the user a great deal of freedom of movement.

The range now comes equipped with ESD (Energy System Dissipater) Technology which ensures absorption of a fall even when the webbing is fully unwound.


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Blocfor 5 ESD, Blocfor 6ESD


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