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    About the Yale CPA Heavy Duty Pneumatic Chain Hoists: Pneumatic chain hoists with hook or integrated trolleys Capacities: 2000 - 10000kg The conception is in accordance with the design of the model CPE. With 100% duty rating and an unlimited number of starts the model CPA is suitable for heavy duty applications. It is insusceptible to contamination, humidity and aggressive mediums from the outside. The hoists are composed of three main components which makes service easy and inexpensive.
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    Yale CPA Pneumatic Chain Hoists

    About the Yale CPA Pneumatic Chain Hoists: Pneumatic chain hoists with hook Capacity 125 - 980 kg Pneumatic chain hoists are characterised by high durability in a great number of industrial applications. The robust but light weight housing allows easy transportation. Applications: Uses for the Yale CPA Pneumatic Chain Hoists include the automobile and aircraft industries, shipyards, on ships and docks. Foundries, on-/offshore, paint factories and paint shops, refineries, oil depots, galvanizing. Printing, textile and food industries, pulp, paper and cement mills. Glass and ceramic industries, wood working industries, chemical industries, heat treatment and power plants etc.
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